Silent Night.

It’s Christmas Eve! Are you prepared?

I love my new Christmas tree decoration. It’s from Stockholm. It was the last thing to hang on the tree. I’m ready… (Deutsche Version.)

Mum and I have already decorated gingerbread for the tree days ago.

I think they turned out pretty nice this year.

My presents are wrapped and labelled.

Dessert is prepared.

Warm little chocolate cakes with spiced orange sauce and vanilla ice cream. Oh yum.

Now four candles are burning and the tree is ready.

And as every year, the cat thinks it’s all hers and watches over the Christmas tree.

Have a merry, merry Christmas and great days with your loved ones! Give presents! Enjoy good food! Do what you want to do and don’t stress out. It’s all good. It’s Christmas.

PS: Violets and Cardamom and onepinkmacaroon, thanks for considering me a Versatile Blogger and nominating me in Liebster Blog Awards! I’m still thinking about which blogs to pass the award on. As you both said, there are sooo many good ones. I won’t forget!


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