Simple Asparagus.

It’s asparagus time. And my veggie box brought me a big bunch of this lovely spring vegetable. Let’s have a look at what I did with it. (Deutsche Version.)

I only need asparagus once and then I’m ok again for a year. But when I eat it, I like it pure and simple. Because I want to taste the asparagus itself.
So, I cooked it in the oven. For a lot of asparagus flavour.

Peel if necessary, wrap it in foil with a bit of olive oil and bake it at high heat until it’s done.

And with it, I like a fried egg.

For me, sunny-side down, please.

And potatoes with that.

Classical, simple and absolutely great.

But another lovely dish to make with asparagus is Asparagus Risotto.

I suppose you already have a recipe for risotto? Just throw your asparagus in.

And when it’s done, grate some Parmesan on top – If you want. (And I want!)

Also simple, yummy and perfect for a nice dinner.

This is food in spring after my fancy. I hope it’s after yours too!

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