Bunny Recycling.

I don’t really like to eat pure chocolate. But every easter and every christmas, there is a bunch of bunnies or Santas lying around. So, I love to bake this yummy and extremely moist chocolate cake.

It’s really chocolatey, not too sweet and simply good. Let’s kill some chocolate bunnies! (Deutsche Version.) More


Melting. Dessert.

Still looking for a great dessert, maybe for Valentine’s Day? So let’s make yummy Melting Chocolate Mini-Cakes.

They are soft and melting inside. This dessert is chocolatey, it’s yummy and it’s best with spicy orange sauce and vanilla ice cream. (Deutsche Version.) More

Dearest Mum.

Happy Birthday! Since I’m in lovely Stockholm, I can only tell you from far away. Have a great day, love you!

Last week, we pre-celebrated Mum’s birthday. With a Black Forest Cake. (Deutsche Version.) More


Tomorrow, it’s Valentine’s Day – And that’s why I made Sugar Sugar Hearts.

The recipe is, again, from Joy the Baker and you can find it here on her blog. Thank you!

(Deutsche Version.) More

Snow on the First

Today I woke up and I realized that it was snowing. It’s still snowing in Vienna. A lot. There was snow on my window sill.

What’s lying there in the snow?


Cookie Treats.

Trick or Treat? Trick or Cookies?

Wait. I have cookies. No tricks. Only Vanilla Chocolate Chip Cookies.

They’re crunchy and tasty. They taste like caramel. (You can find the recipe in my recipe index.)


Can muffins heal the flu?

Please. Could they? Pleeease. I have the flu. And it’s not going away. I’ve caught this damn flu more than a week ago and it won’t go away. So, let’s see if my favourite chocolate muffins can help.


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