Chard ‘n’ Apple.

Dear readers, I just ate lunch THAT great that I have to immediately share it with you. Chard ‘n’ Apple Pizza.

It’s a very, very thin and crispy pizza with a unbelievably tasty topping. Let’s bake! (Deutsche Version.) More


Pumpkin Love. Pumpkin Bake.

My love for pumpkin will never fade. I’m always happy at the beginning of pumpkin season and I make as much use of that season as I can. This week, I tried Pumpkin Bake.

And oh, it was great. (Deutsche Version.) More

Sweet October.

Hey October. I like you. You’re yummy. Today, I made Hokkaido Rice Pudding.

(Deutsche Version.) More

Green Stuff.

I haven’t posted for quite a long time. It was to hot to be in the kitchen, really. But today, it’s cold! Too cold for summer. So, I cooked. Green Stuff. Herbal Zucchini Pasta.

(Deutsche Version.) More

An Oven on My Own.

I love my oven. It can do everything. Like bread.

(Deutsche Version.) More

Potatoes on Bread.

This post is going to be about potatoes. Actually, about Potato Cheese. Potato cheese? Well, there’s no English word for it, actually. It’s an Austrian speciality which we call Erdäpfelkas. [eːadœpfœkaːs] – Or something like that. I’m still not good at phonetics.

Erdäpfelkas is great on bread. And just to eat plain with a spoon.

At the New Year’s Eve party this year, there was Erdäpfelkas to eat. And it was so good – I had to ask about the recipe! And I told everyone attending the party to try it.
And now, one month after New Year’s Eve, I finally made my own bowl. More

It’s definitely time for soup.

When I look out of the window, I see white. When I look at my thermometer, I see it’s -8°C outside. That means, it’s definitely time for soup.

For example, pumpkin soup.

It’s so easy to make. Just chop some onions and a Hokkaido pumpkin.


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