Much-loved Visitors.

I invited my parents for lunch today. And I cooked a Viennese speciality: Krautfleckerl. Which is cabbage pasta.

Doesn’t sound good? Oh, believe me, it is. (Deutsche Version.) More


A Last Hint of Summer.

It’s September. And tomorrow, it seems to be the last really warm day. FINALLY, it’s getting colder. Yes, I love the cold. It’s a bit contradictory: Since I’m always freezing, I’m freezing even more in the winter, but I just feel better when it’s cold outside. And it’s not winter yet, so we can still enjoy all the fruits that are growing now. And eat food that reminds us of summer.

Zucchini Pasta with Yoghurt.

Sometimes I start to feel bad because I cannot cook as good as people in TV shows. Then, I make a dish like that in 15 minutes. (Deutsche Version.) More

Green Stuff.

I haven’t posted for quite a long time. It was to hot to be in the kitchen, really. But today, it’s cold! Too cold for summer. So, I cooked. Green Stuff. Herbal Zucchini Pasta.

(Deutsche Version.) More

My Kitchen is My Castle.

I have my own kitchen. Well, it’s not really my own and I only have it for two months, but I can do what I want in it. I can bake whatever I want. I can cook whatever I want. I have a Kitchen Machine!! It’s awesome. And because I now can cook all the things my family doesn’t like, I eat meals with lentils. A lot. And today, Lentil Bolognese it was. Oh and it’s yummy. (Deutsche Version.) More

Becoming a Freshman!

Am I actually called a freshman when I begin to study? Isn’t there a freshwoman?

Tomorrow, I’ll pick up my student ID! I’m excited. Then it’s proven: I’m officially going to be an university student. That’s sooo cool. I looked at the university cafeteria’s food plans today: They have nice food! They actually have menus called “Brain Food” – light food with nutrients to be able to think a lot, haha.  That’s cute! (Here‘s a folder, but it’s German.) But what’s strange: Every university building has its own cafeteria, but the head building only has two cafés. And I’m in the head building most of the time! But okay, I don’t really mind, I rather like to cook by myself anyway – and it’s cheaper, too.

I cook a lot these days – and I’m getting better. On Monday, I made pan-fried gnocchi with a lot of vegetables and (for my brother, the carnivore) bacon. Today, I made pan-fried turkey hen, also with a lot of vegetables and rice. You see, I love frying things in the pan, because we have this awesome non-stick frying pan – I don’t need oil, and it’s sooo easy to clean!

Maybe I’m all alone this weekend. So I don’t think I’ll bake anything, maybe on Sunday, when they all come back.

But I could make this awesome lunch again, it’s soooo good – at least for me because I have a sweet tooth. A big one. Look at these Sweet Noodels. I served them with self-made stewed apples – really easy in the microwave!

Sweet Sugar-Noodles with Stewed Apples

Gosh, this photo alone makes my mouth water.