Malakoff Cake

Recipe for a mini springform with 18 cm diameter. (Double ingredients for a normal springform. But rather use only 3 egg yolks, then.)
You need:

2 egg yolks
75 g ground peeled almonds
65 ml cream
100 g powdered sugar
75 g margarine

a pack of ladyfingers (40 pcs.)

about a cup of strong coffee mixed with quite a bit of rum.

Make a cream out of all the ingredients on top by first beating the margarine creamy and then slowly adding sugar, egg yolks, almonds and cream. It should be really stiff.

Lay out the springform with parchment paper. Then, you can layer the cake. First a layer of ladyfingers, dipped in the coffee-rum. (Really just dipped! They will soak enough of it up. If you put them in too long, the whole cake will be slobbery.) Also make the edge of the cake with unhalved ladyfingers, but don’t dip them.

And then, about a centimeter cream on that. Then, dipped ladyfingers again. And cream. And finish with dipped ladyfingers again.
The cake should rest over night in the fridge. Then, you can turn the cake out. And put whipped cream on top, if you want. And eat it!

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