Sourdough and Sourdough Bread

Before you can bake bread, you have to make sourdough. To have a good sourdough, you need to be patient for five days. But after that, you can bake almost whenever you want without waiting that long. I got the instructions here on

On the first day you take

100 g rye flour (or spelt flour. Wheat flour would be possible, but is harder to handle.)
100 ml lukewarm water.

You put it in a big bowl and stir it. (I read that you should use a wooden spoon – I don’t know the reason for that, but I did.) You could need more water – The mixture should be relatively liquid, like waffle dough. I think I even needed about 200 ml. I made that at 6 PM – This time was really handy later. So let’s take this time for the explanation.

This bowl, you put in a warm place. 25° to 30° Celsius would be best. There, you leave it covered for 12 hours.

After those 12 hours (so, about 6 AM, before going to work), you stir it once, but strongly and then, you wait again for 12 hours.

Second day: (6 PM)

50 g
rye flour
50 ml water
to the dough. Stir. The consistency should be always quite liquid, same as before. (And it should stay like that until the end.)

Now, put the bowl in its warm place again and wait for 24 hours.

Third day: (6 PM)

Your dough starts to smell now. It’s normal that it smells sourly. It also gets bubbly. And hungry – You have to feed it again.
100 g rye flour
100 ml water
in the bowl. Again, put the bowl in its place, wait for 12 hours (6 AM), stir, and wait for 12 hours.

Fourth day: (6 PM)

Last feeding! Put again
100 g rye flour
100 ml water
in your bowl. Stir and wait for another 24 hours.

Now, you have Sourdough! Let’s give it a name. Mine’s called Tadeusz. Tadeusz says Hello!

So now we come to the bread baking part.

Your sourdough has about 700 g. You’ll have to bake it now – It could die if you wait longer.
But before we make our bread dough, I’ll explain how you can use your sourdough again later: Take 50 – 100 g of your mixture and put it in an empty jam jar. Put the jar in your fridge. This way, you have sourdough for using again and again.
When you want to bake bread next day, you just take those 50 g sourdough, add 150 to 250 g of flour and 150 to 250 ml of water and put it in a very warm place for 24 hours. Then, you can already bake with that. But never forget to keep 50 g – Never put all of your sourdough in the bread dough because then you’ll have to make another one, which takes five days again! (Now, you can also use wheat flour to make white bread. But never mix two different sourdoughs in one jar, please!)
If you don’t bake with your sourdough for more than a week, don’t forget to feed it: Add one tablespoon water and one tablespoon flour per week.

But we don’t have to wait, because our sourdough is already finished. Let’s bake bread! I used the recipe I found here.
Since you put about 100 g away, you now have
600 g sourdough.
300 g rye flour
150 g spelt flour
150 g water
2 teaspoons salt
1-2 teaspoons bread spices (there’s caraway and all that in there, I used one heaped teaspoon)
1/2 sachet dry yeast

Your sourdough will get stronger and stronger when you use it more often – But at this point, you still need yeast.

Use your mixer to combine all those ingredients thoroughly. The dough’s quite sticky now. Cover the bowl and let it rest for 30 minutes.

Then, put it out and knead the dough with floured hands on a floured surface. It’s a bit hard, but try to shape a bread. (I needed a lot of flour.)

Now, let it rest for 2 to 4 hours in a pot or bowl until it rised a lot. But put a floured dishtowel in the pot before – And flour it a lot because the dough’s still sticky sticky sticky. Mine only needed two hours, I let it rest in a terracotta pot.

Preheat your oven as hot as you can. Here at home, that’s 250° Celsius.
Put your rised dough on a baking sheet, prepared with parchment paper, without kneading it again. Put it in the oven and leave it in for 15 minutes at this temperature. Spray water on it about three times.
Then, reduce the oven temperature to 190° Celsius and let the bread bake.
My oven is strange. The recipe calls for baking the bread 60 minutes. Mine needed 15 minutes. Yes. So if you have a strange magic oven like I do, please watch your bread.

It’s done when you knock on the bottom side and you get a hollow sound. And of course, it should be nicely browned. So then, take it out! You have a beautiful bread now.

I’m sorry, but you can’t eat it right now. You’ll have to wait at least 12 hours to cut it. (Why? I have no idea. I’ll try to find out.)
I baked my bread in the very late evening, so we had fresh bread for breakfast. No waiting, sleeping! (Or going out, like I did.)

But then, in the morning: Put some butter on it and enjoy!

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