South Tirolean Apple Strudel

(translated from here)

You need:

For the dough:
250 g
2 tablespoons
butter, liquid
a pinch
of salt
about 100 ml

For the filling:
1 kg
apples (Boskop, Elstar or other firm, sourly ones)
untreated lemon
2 tablespoons
of lemon juice
3 tablespoons
of minced pine nuts or almonds
70 g
½ teaspoon
of cinnamon (I use a bit more)
optionally: 100 g
raisins (in some water or rum, but I skip them)

2 tablespoons
of breadcrumbs
Powdered Sugar

This is what you do:

The dough: Heap the flour on a dough tray, form a well in the middle and put the 2 tablespoons of butter, the egg and a pinch of salt in it. Mix the ingredients thoroughly and knead it with some force – Put about 100 ml water bit by bit in (You don’t have to use all of it!) until you have a smooth and elastic dough. Form a ball, brush it with some oil and put it in a bowl – Put a dishtowel on the bowl and let the dough rest in a warm place for about half an hour. (Very important!)

The filling: Peel the apples, remove the core and cut (or rather plane) them into thin slices. Put the slices into a bowl. Grate the peel of the lemon and put it also in. Add the lemon juice, the pine nuts (or almonds), sugar and cinnamon. (If you use raisins, let them drain and put them in.)

Preheat the oven to 200 °C (or 180° C with circulating air).

Rolling out the dough: Flour a dishtowel very thoroughly with flour (Everywhere! Otherwhise, the dough will stick!), put the dough ball on it and press it a bit flat. Then roll it out with a heavy rolling pin until you can see the pattern of the dishtowel clearly through.

Brush the rolled out dough with liquid butter, spread bread crumbs on it and distribute the apple mixture evenly on it. Don’t put apples on the space 2-3 cm from the edge on the narrower sides and one of the longer sides.

Fold in the dough on the narrower sides till the filling, then roll it up with the aid of the dishtowel continously from the long side where you didn’t leave out space when putting the apples on the dough.

Also with the aid of the dishtowel, put it on a baking tray (lined with baking parchment) – The „intersection“ should be put downwards.

Now, brush the surface of the strudel richly with liquid butter. Put it in the oven and bake it for about 45-60 minutes.

Let it cool for a bit and dust it with powdered sugar.


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