Silent Night.

It’s Christmas Eve! Are you prepared?

I love my new Christmas tree decoration. It’s from Stockholm. It was the last thing to hang on the tree. I’m ready… (Deutsche Version.) More


The Cat’s Pyjamas.

Just to let you know I’m still alive:

– I’m not baking at the moment because my stomache is kind of angry with me (I don’t know why, but half a day of blood tests and other examinations will hopefully let me know.)
– Also, I’m studying instead of baking. Yay, it’s exam time. Who isn’t exited about that?
– I found the expression “the cat’s pyjamas” today, and it’s awesome.

My cat is the cat’s pyjamas at sleeping the whole day.


Merry Christmas to all of you.

My presents are wrapped. Bounty loves to help.

Gingerbread to hang on the tree was baked. And decorated with sugar glaze.


Cookie Treats.

Trick or Treat? Trick or Cookies?

Wait. I have cookies. No tricks. Only Vanilla Chocolate Chip Cookies.

They’re crunchy and tasty. They taste like caramel. (You can find the recipe in my recipe index.)


Going nuts

This title is incredibly uncreative, buuut we went nuts over this cake!

And it was a Quark Nut Cake.


Good week.

Oooh, I had a pretty eventful week. Finally, almost everbody’s done with exams. That means: Celebrating!

I was in the mood for baking, too. And an Apple Cheese Pie it was!

This pie was pretty much work and needed a lot of dish-washing. But I love the composition between cheesecake and apple-pie. The apples are caramelised and it’s a wholemeal pie crust.

Yummy! Interested in the recipe? End of the post!


Studying and a cat, a cake and a never-ending chocolate Santa, honey and ice. Pick your favourite. Or read the whole one.

(Maybe, I should just change the title in “Too long title”.)

At the moment, when I look in the mirrow, I see someone tired staring back at me. I need holidays! Right now, my agenda says “studying, studying, exam, studying, exam”. But hey, soon, it’s going to be over and then, I’ll have holidays for a whole month! That’s right, a month!!

Right now, my bed often looks like that.

Yes, I’m studying in bed. Who doesn’t? And yes, the cat loves to sit on my papers.

She also loves to sleep on them.

And to stare into my laptop.

She’s like: What are you doing on the Internet? Don’t read blogs or look at facebook! (Yes, facebook is addicting.)

Baking is not on the agenda right now. But I’m already thinking about what I’ll make when I’m finally done with exams. I can’t decide! Right now, I’m thinking about muffins.
Mum took over the baking for me yesterday and made marble bundt cake. When I finally had time to have a piece (today, with the obligatory cup of coffee, to celebrate the completion of my second exam), they had already eaten almost the whole cake! My piece was thin.

Maybe one day I’ll tell her my secret ingredient to make the cake more moist. (No offence, Mum’s an awesome baker and I learned everything from her, but there’s this special thing. And I didn’t even get it from the internet.)

And yes, I know, in the photo, the piece of cake looks huge. I don’t know what’s up with my camera lately, I have to make really close shots to get it to focus on what I want. I hope it’s just the low battery and not the cam.

Well. As you can imagine, there just did not happen a lot in the past week.

I still didn’t finish that chocolate Santa.

Told you I need a lot of time to finish one.

You know what I love? I love rolls with low fat quark and honey.

Low fat quark is the perfect basis for honey, jam and Nutella. It’s sourly and it’s the perfect opposition to the really sweet topping. Gosh, I love that.

You know what I hate? I hate that icy weather. It’s not cold, it’s icy. There’s no snow outside, it’s ice. Every time I step out of the underground train I can’t breathe for a moment because it’s so cold. I love winter. You know I do. But it’s no fun if it’s so cold. Winter should be over after Christmas.
It try to do something against the cold by wrapping up as warm as I can.

I love that hat. I’m glad I have a soft spot for winter hats and scarves in all different colours. And of course my perfect winter jacket. But sometimes, I feel it’s enough. I want to put the jacket in the closet and go outside in just a sweater.

Since I have already spent way too much time with blogging, I’ll stop now and go study. I can decide between movie history and media studies. Media studies is about YouTube – yes, I have a lecture about YouTube. I know that’s cool. But I like movie history a lot more, it’s the lecture that tells me that that’s exactly what I want to study. I always looked forward to going to this one. I’m really sad, it’s over, actually. The prof was really cool, too. He’s only a visiting professor at my university, so I hope he’ll stay long, then I could do another one of his lectures someday.

Those are the two exams that are left. The other two that are already behind me (and will be because I passed, I hope) were about the obligatory lectures I had to take. They were hard. But because of them, I often met my study group, which are really nice people, which is good. We sometimes go out altogether and it would be nice to keep that going.

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