Dad’s Day.

Happy birthday, Daddy! I hope you still have a piece of your Malakoff Cake left.

Since we’re living apart now, we celebrated Dad’s birthday on Sunday. (Deutsche Version.) More


Simply Savoury.

This week, I made something quick and easy before I went to work: Apple Muffins. They’re so easy you only need one bowl, a mixer and a knife. But I can tell you, they weren’t only quick and easy, they were also absolutely tasty and luscious, too.

(Deutsche Version.) More

Espresso and Biscotti.

Today, I decided to try out a recipe from the queen of Baking Blogs: Joy the Baker’s Peanut Butter Pecan Biscotti. Well, just that mine were going to be Peanut Butter Pine Nut Biscotti. With Chocolate.

I was really grateful about this recipe, because I could finally bake something with Peanut Butter. More

Poppy Days.

Yesterday I had my last exam for a month. And I was really satisfied. I finished two hard weeks and started my holidays. (Which contain studying and writing term papers, but anyway.)  To celebrate that, I needed to bake. I was in the mood for something I never did before. Something poppy. Poppy Seed Strudel.

It’s great. I’s luscious and yummy. It’s yeast dough. I love yeast dough.


Biscuit Day.

This weekend, it was Biscuit Day again. Maybe you remember our last year’s Biscuit Baking Orgy. Of course, this year, we did the same. It’s going to be traditional.

Some biscuits we made were the same as last year’s biscuits. For example, our best ones: Cinnamon Stars.

By the way, if you’re done with always seeing photos of those awesome cinnamon stars (yes, they are awesome) and want to have some to eat for yourself, take a look at my recipe index. They’re in there!

But some were not the same as last year’s biscuits. Read on!


Last week…

…I got on a plane with Mum.

We went to London.


Cutting myself an apple break.

I’m sure you know this feeling when everything’s too much and you really need a break. Right now. My break looks like this. Apple Strudel.

Today I woke up after another bad night’s sleep with too much going on in my head. I was tired. I knew I had thousands of more important things to do and to study, but I couldn’t. Today, I decided I was going to take a break. So I wrote my most important mails of the day and went in the kitchen. And then I did what I wanted to do for a month. Bake an apple strudel.


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