I’ve done Nothing!

Holidays! Holidays! Exactly two and a half hours ago, I walked out of the room where I had my exam and now I’m done for at least a whole month! Yaaay! I’m in such a good mood. The last exam wasn’t really hard, I know I’ve got one thing wrong, but that’s it. (By the way, it was film history and the topic was “Nothing”, in case you’re wondering about the title. 😉 )

After this last exam today, I needed something sweet. I didn’t bake anything yet (I just can’t decide! Give me a sign!), so I decided to try the bakery next to the university that always has lovely baked goods. So, to honor this day, I took something called Strawberry Quark Basket.

That’s why it’s called strawberry quark…

…and that’s why it’s called basket!
And it was good! Really good. I think this is going to be my after-exam-week-special from now on.

Today, I woke up and the first thing I saw where snow flakes dancing in front of my window. It was snowing – again! But at least, it wasn’t really cold today. Of course, the first thing I did after getting up, was looking for my camera. Hey, it was snow!

When I saw this bike outside, I totally had to think of Kjersti, who’s blog is this one. She makes awesome photos! And likes taking photos of bikes. Of course, my photo is not even a quarter as good, haha. (I hope linking you is okay, if you read that!)

Well, though snow is always a good sign for me, I was nervous before my exam. I had to make something quick for lunch before I went to university, so I decided to make something light and spicy to heat up my brain cells, haha – something that I love: Zucchini with chili sauce!

I’m a zucchini lover. And a chili lover. I love this chili sauce! (By the way, the zucchini is not burnt, I roasted it in balsamic vinegar. You should try that, it’s perfect. Put some thyme on top!)
There’s never a too hot for me – I don’t know why but hot food doesn’t affect me a lot, I still don’t even notice it when other people start coughing because of the heat. Must have got something to do with my taste buds. But it’s the same with my sense of touch, I often don’t realise something’s hot – I always have to take hot toasts out of the toaster for my brother with my “magical hands”, he says. Haha. Strange.

And then I went and did my exam. By the way, in my exam yesterday, I had to analyse a YouTube video. (Yes, cool. I know.) I took this one:
I love it! (It’s an example for “Urban Hacking”, if you’re interested.)

Hah. I feel relieved. I think I’ll just relax today. I can’t really party because most of the other ones still have exams tomorrow or next week. So it’s going to be me and Dexter today! But then, tomorrow, a really good friend is done too, and we’ll go out! And next week, most of the guys from my study group take their last exams. This is going to be fun.

(I’ll have to make a quick edit here: This is my 50th post! Jubilee! Yay!)


The streets are white!

Yaaaay! Snoooow!
I know, it’s not the fourth Sunday of Advent, but it’s time for a little blog-extra because: There’s snow outside! It’s snowing in Vienna.

Just look at what I see when I open my window:

Beautiful, huh?

Before I show you more snow photos, I’ll show you something really tasty.
What’s better than a warm soup when you come in from the cold? I adore soup. This is a zucchini/courgette soup I made this week. Topped with chopped almonds.

Yum! But let’s get back to: THE SNOW!
The snowing started when I went to university – when I went home, the streets were white. The park I always pass by looked like that!

Please excuse this and the next blurry photo – I didn’t have my camera with me, so I had to use my mobile. And yeah, I know it’s not that much snow, but keep in mind that we’re in Vienna!

I love what people do with snow. Cute!

Oooh, how I love this time of the year. It’s freezing cold outside – just right to have a cup of good warm tea.

This awesome cup is from a Christkindlmarkt in Vienna – I love it, I just had to take it. (You always have to pay 2 euros more for a punch which you get back when you take back the cup – if you don’t, you bought it for the 2 euros.) It’s the most beautiful christmas market this year, I think. It’s on Karlsplatz – on this christmas market, there are only people selling really handmade special things. Beautiful!

Oh, well. The snow keeps me in a really good mood today. (Update. Okay, it doesn’t do that the whole day. The prospect on sitting tomorrow 2 1/2 hours alone in a cold hall spoils my mood. A lot.) Later, I’ll go to my sports course and when I come home frozen I’ll have a good cup of hot chocolate. Yum.
See you on the fourth Sunday of Advent – Christmas is coming! (Only 8 days left!)