Silent Night.

It’s Christmas Eve! Are you prepared?

I love my new Christmas tree decoration. It’s from Stockholm. It was the last thing to hang on the tree. I’m ready… (Deutsche Version.) More


Merry Christmas to all of you.

My presents are wrapped. Bounty loves to help.

Gingerbread to hang on the tree was baked. And decorated with sugar glaze.


Last week…

…I got on a plane with Mum.

We went to London.


What to do with leftover gingerbread.

We had visitors again last night. And for this occasion, we once have put some of the gingerbread shown in this post in the freezer. It was used in this Gingerbread Tiramisu that Mum made.

It looks really good here, and it also was tasty, but you shouldn’t try to cut it in slices – mess on the plate! But you had to mix it with your spoon anyway because it tastes better if you eat all of the components together. So, who cares how it looks if it tastes good? Our guests agreed with me. I just couldn’t make a photo, Mum held me from it 😉 But I can show you how we served it: With a Cocoa and Cinnamon Star.

And because I love this photo a lot, I’ll also show you Bounty, being a very curious cat in the kitchen.

I’m glad there’s not audio recording of me taking that picture, haha.

Well, now, sadly, I have to take down all the Christmas decoration because today, they’re going to be packed up again. We also get rid of the Christmas tree today. That’s always a little bit sad for me. I want it to be Christmas the whole year!
And also, I have to study today – I couldn’t do much the last two days because I wasn’t in Vienna. But who can party can also work, right? (Stupid phrase.)

A fourth Sunday of Advent full of gingerbread!

Hope you had a joyful fourth Sunday of Advent! Christmas is almost there and it’s still white outside!

I got such a cute cookie/biscuit cutter from my Godmother: an elk! I just had to make gingerbread elks.

Very swedish 😉

I also made some gingerbread rocking horses as Christmas tree decoration. This one’s for a friend and I decorated it with marzipan.

But what took me really long were two My Neighbor Totoro cookies that I made for a cookie baking contest.

The contest’s requirements were that the cookies should have any relation to Japan and be cute – Totoro was perfect. I love them. One, I’ll save for myself and one gets a friend. Keep your fingers crossed for me to win something!

Today, we decorated store-bought (Ikea, more precisely) gingerbread hearts and the other rocking horses with sugar icing for our Christmas tree. We buy the hearts because they stay dry longer, normal gingerbreads become soft and fall from the tree.

So this weekend was all gingerbread-y. Only four days until Christmas is there – are you as excited as I am?