Happy New Year.

It’s New Year’s Eve already. Wow. (Deutsche Version.)

I will see some friends this evening. But right now, I’m still sitting here with hair curlers and preparing myself mentally to go out. It’s so loud out there.

I’ll bring bread and Lucky Piglets.

Just have as much fun as you would have if it wasn’t New Year’s Eve. See your friends. See your family. Do that the whole year. Change your life tomorrow it you want to. And if you want to change it in the middle of June, do that then.


The Cat’s Pyjamas.

Just to let you know I’m still alive:

– I’m not baking at the moment because my stomache is kind of angry with me (I don’t know why, but half a day of blood tests and other examinations will hopefully let me know.)
– Also, I’m studying instead of baking. Yay, it’s exam time. Who isn’t exited about that?
– I found the expression “the cat’s pyjamas” today, and it’s awesome.

My cat is the cat’s pyjamas at sleeping the whole day.


Heaps of Luck.

It’s New Year’s Eve.

I told you about baking gingerbread. I did not only bake gingerbread for the tree. I also baked little gingerbread lucky charms.


2009 recap… Now 2010 can start.

These are my favourite photos of the year 2009.

(Click on it to see it larger! By the way, I made this with Picasa – pretty nice programme, especially for photo collages like that. You don’t really have to do anything except choosing the photos.)

Every single one of these photos is important to me. Of course there are a lot more, especially ones with people on them. Every one of these photos has something on it I love or has to do with something I love or is just a shot I love.
The reason why there are a lot of food photos here is the following: I never knew how much I loved photographing before I started this blog. The photos in this collage are not in it because of the baked goods that are in it (although they were darn good, too), they are about my love to photograph these things and the joy I feel when photos come out this tasty-looking.  (The best example for that is the zucchini soup – it looks tasty! I mean, it’s already really hard to get a zucchini soup look tasty in real life, but it’s really good-looking on the photo, too!)
Well, some of them are about the things in it – see the Lucky Fish? It reminds me of the really nice New Year’s Eve party I had with my friends.  The sweet bun with jam reminds me of Mum who always bakes them with me together and who always eats them with a lot of butter and a looot of jam on top. The apple pie reminds me of my brother who almost ate the whole pie by himself. The other one reminds me of the best apple pie baker in the world who made this one with me. The blueberry cookies remind me of my best friend and sitting with her at the shore of Danube on one of the hottest days of summer.

Every single one of this photo is a good memory.

I hope 2010 has this many memories or even more. I have plans for 2010. They’re in my head, but they didn’t really emerge yet. But I know they’re there!
(I thought maybe I start with participating  in 10 in 10 – a project with participants all over the net who want to get healthier in ten weeks in 2010. You can choose yourself what’s “healthier” for you and what you want to achieve. Most of them want to lose weight or start eathing healthy – if I would really participate, I would do it to get “healthier” mentally.)

Grab your luck at the tail fin!

Have a happy new year! And watch out – I’m always afraid of getting some banger at my head.

To give away as lucky charms, I baked those Lucky Fish.

They’re actually the same sweet buns I presented you here, but in fish shape. I don’t know if eating fish is traditional elsewhere, but here, in my family, it’s tradition to eat those Manner Lucky Fish at New Year’s Day. I think it comes from the tradition to eat a real fish for dinner on New Year’s Eve. You have to start eating at the tail fin (because your luck can’t swim away, then).
This year, I made lucky fish myself – they’re a perfect lucky charm to give away. I don’t like lucky charms that have no use – they’re just something I put somewhere for two months and then throw away. But I like them when you can eat them like chocolate ladybirds or marzipan pigs or when they’re a plant, that’s nice, too.

That’s why I made my own lucky charms that you can eat – they’re tasty and nice and look how cute they are!

Go have a nice party tonight. Actually, I don’t like New Year’s Eve, it’s too loud, people are too drunk, there’s too much going on in the streets and you are kind of obligated to go out (to see drunk people being too loud and too many). But, well – because of my obligation to go out I’ll try to forget about this and have fun.
2010 is going to be awesome – I feel it. Hope you do, too.