Little Things in 2011.

The first week of the new year is almost over. It took me that long to find my 10 favourite photos in 2011.

I’m still not sure if those are really the right ones. But almost. (Deutsche Version.)



Leaving Berlin / Loving Berlin

I’m in Vienna again. I never knew how small this city is before I went to Berlin. Even London couldn’t do that. Berlin was so great that I want to go back there. Again. And again.

Well, let’s see how that works out. Some more photos some other time – I have to make up for the sleep I missed during my twelve hour train ride.

Two finished decades.

That’s a lot, I think. It’s my brother’s birthday today – he’s 20 now. Now he’s in his twenties! That means he’s approaching his thirties! Haha.

Besides a funny birthday party yesterday (or today – we got home by 5), there was not a lot up in the past days. I’m in exam stress and I’m nervous. When I’m nervous about something, there are times I’m really annoying myself and my whole family. Yeah. I’m not a good stress person. (I once learned in school – those were the days – about turning negative stress into positive stress. I’m not really able to do that before exams. In exams, stress and pressure is good for my performance, I think.)

So, I didn’t even bake a muffin. Nothing. No, not even the birthday cake for my brother. But he wouldn’t really care anyway because he’s suffering from misguided taste – he likes bought marble cake. Bah.

But I can show you what I gave him as a birthday present!
Wrapped up, it looked like this.

Unwrapped, it looked like that.

It’s the Hugo Boss Dark Blue perfume! I always told my brother that he needs one and he always told me then I should tell him which one. So I went looking. I was sure about the Hugo Boss, because everyone that I think smells good (yeah, I tell people when I think they smell good) tells me it’s a Hugo Boss one. And, Jonathan Rhys Meyers is in the Hugo Boss commercial! (Yes, that’s a reason! Look at this advertisment!) And Dark Blue smells really good, it totally fits my brother.

Well. Yesterday I beheaded my one and only Chocolate Santa.

I know, it’s quite late for beheading chocolate Santas, I’m always late at that. But I’m always so sorry for them! Also, I can’t eat a whole one at once, I always need a long time for a whole bar of chocolate. So when there are occasions on which you get chocolate Santas or chocolate Easter rabbits, I always tell everybody I only want one singular chocolate whatsoever, but with good chocolate. So I always get a Lindt one, it’s only one but with quality chocolate that I can nag on about a month and that’s perfect.

And that’s it. I’m sorry for the boring post. It’s exam time.
(But exam time means study group time! I never knew I could study in a group, but it’s totally useful to discuss the things we have to know. Also, it’s really fun. I like my study group. Total new for me, as I was never a group person – particularly not when it came to studying.)