Easter Lamb.

Happy Easter everyone! If you are still looking for something great to bake, I’ve got something for you: Have a look at my Easter Lamb.

It’s a black lamb with great poppy seed filling. You could also use white filling. Or no filling. It looks great any way. And it’s so easy to make! (Deutsche Version.)



Poppy Days.

Yesterday I had my last exam for a month. And I was really satisfied. I finished two hard weeks and started my holidays. (Which contain studying and writing term papers, but anyway.)  To celebrate that, I needed to bake. I was in the mood for something I never did before. Something poppy. Poppy Seed Strudel.

It’s great. I’s luscious and yummy. It’s yeast dough. I love yeast dough.


Snow. Candles. Biscuits.

It’s the first Sunday in Advent. It’s snowing in Vienna. It’s time for Christmas Biscuits.

So, Mum and I made some. Actually, a lot. Those are Chocolate Pudding Crescents. They are made with chocolate pudding powder. They’re tasty.