Simple Asparagus.

It’s asparagus time. And my veggie box brought me a big bunch of this lovely spring vegetable. Let’s have a look at what I did with it. (Deutsche Version.) More


Take a break – take a cookie.

Yesterday, I helped painting a wall in the flat in which one of my best friends just moved in. It’s incredible! Really beautiful. I love painting walls and I was really curious how the flat looked like, so I loved to help. We painted the wall, her boyfriend and another friend built up some shelves. For the hard workers, I brought Vanilla Chocolate Chip Cookies

And they were needed! We had to paint the wall three times before it wasn’t blotchy anymore. I was there from 4 pm to half past midnight. (Okay, in between we had pizza and watched a movie. And we had to drive to the hardware store because we ran out of masking tape.)