Dad’s Day.

Happy birthday, Daddy! I hope you still have a piece of your Malakoff Cake left.

Since we’re living apart now, we celebrated Dad’s birthday on Sunday. (Deutsche Version.) More


What to Bake with Buttermilk. 2.

If you baked a rhubarb buttermilk pie, you will now have a bit of buttermilk left. (If you didn’t, go buy buttermilk!) And with that, you can bake Buttermilk Rolls with Sesame Seeds.

They’re tasty. Really tasty. (Deutsche Version.) More

An Oven on My Own.

I love my oven. It can do everything. Like bread.

(Deutsche Version.) More

Mamma Mia.

Ciao! Today, it’s going to be Italian here. Because we’re baking Ciabatta. (Deutsche Version.) More

The Bread Experiment.

I baked Bread. Real bread. Sourdough bread.

And I’m going to explain you, how. It seems to be complicated, but actually, it isn’t that much. And it’s worth all the the effort. Believe me.

(Deutsche Version.) More