Melting. Dessert.

Still looking for a great dessert, maybe for Valentine’s Day? So let’s make yummy Melting Chocolate Mini-Cakes.

They are soft and melting inside. This dessert is chocolatey, it’s yummy and it’s best with spicy orange sauce and vanilla ice cream. (Deutsche Version.) More



Tomorrow, it’s Valentine’s Day – And that’s why I made Sugar Sugar Hearts.

The recipe is, again, from Joy the Baker and you can find it here on her blog. Thank you!

(Deutsche Version.) More

Heaps of Luck.

It’s New Year’s Eve.

I told you about baking gingerbread. I did not only bake gingerbread for the tree. I also baked little gingerbread lucky charms.


Enjoying chocolate with my loved ones.

Have a happy Valentine’s Day! We started the day with a tasty Chocolate Cake.

My weekend is awesome. There is no way to spoil it. Because Friday night, I finally got my exam grade and I passed! I finished my first semester! This is so cool I can’t even tell. Every time I think about it I start grinning. Yes!!!
Since I still had a voucher for a breakfast with Mum, I used it to celebrate with her on Saturday. We went to a really nice Turkish café next to my university – I’ve always wanted to try it because they have that typical Turkish pastry called Simit.

The breakfast there was really good. We had those Simits with Turkish cheese called Kaschkawal (very mild), slices of Turkish sausage called Sucuk (I don’t like sausage at all, so I didn’t try it), home-made orange jam (very good with the Kaschkawal!), yummy olives (they tasted like holidays!), tomatoes, Feta cheese, cucumber and butter. They also had Belgish waffles there, so we tried one with fruits – apples, bananas and kiwi! It was soo tasty. And we were almost the only ones sitting there, so there was this lovely old lady that served us and acted like a Grandma, always asking if we wanted anything else. Really nice, we’ll definitely go there again.

Friday night, I baked this chocolate cake, so that it would taste really chocolatey this morning. This is it just plain.

Of course, I couldn’t let it like this, I wanted to decorate it for Valentine’s Day!

So, I cut out marzipan hearts and it put pink sugar icing (made with raspberry juice) on them.

Sweet! Then, I put sprinkles on those.

Sweeter! Since I made a bit too many, this morning Mum, Dad and my brother got their own marzipan heart each.

And we like the cake!

Enjoy Valentine’s Day and tell your loved one how happy you are to have them.