Little Things in 2011.

The first week of the new year is almost over. It took me that long to find my 10 favourite photos in 2011.

I’m still not sure if those are really the right ones. But almost. (Deutsche Version.)




There’s a housewarming party tonight.

(Deutsche Version.) More

New Sight.

I moved. (Deutsche Version.) More

A Girl’s Got to Eat.

And what? I’m so rarely at home lately that I’m looking for good meals to take out. Today, I decided to try something new. I created a Salad Wrap.


The Cat’s Pyjamas.

Just to let you know I’m still alive:

– I’m not baking at the moment because my stomache is kind of angry with me (I don’t know why, but half a day of blood tests and other examinations will hopefully let me know.)
– Also, I’m studying instead of baking. Yay, it’s exam time. Who isn’t exited about that?
– I found the expression “the cat’s pyjamas” today, and it’s awesome.

My cat is the cat’s pyjamas at sleeping the whole day.


Heaps of Luck.

It’s New Year’s Eve.

I told you about baking gingerbread. I did not only bake gingerbread for the tree. I also baked little gingerbread lucky charms.


Little Pretty Things.

Christmas is over. But what is left, are the things to enjoy. The Christmas tree is still here. Its great smell, too. A whole bunch of my Grandma’s biscuits has not been eaten yet. And I got little pretty things I love.

In London, I found a lot of them. I bought some to keep. And some of them, I got for Christmas. Others, I will give my friends for Christmas/New Year’s Eve.
Before going to London, I made a wish list. It said: “Biscuit Tin“. And I got a nice one.

It’s lovely. It’s from Marks & Spencer and filled with chocolate biscuits. They are yummy – Mum and I were allowed to taste them since we couldn’t decide for one of all the awesome biscuit tins. (In the end, we took two.) But I’m looking forward to opening it – after all the Christmas biscuits are gone -, sharing those biscuits and filling it with my own.

And I will bake my own biscuits with another wish on my list: Measuring cups.

I just couldn’t find the right ones in Vienna. So we decided to have a look at Selfridge’s. And there they were.

But what’s missing if you have measuring cups? Right: Measuring spoons. And those I found are pure awesomeness.


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